Christ Renews His Parish
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Christ Renews His Parish
P.O. Box 19100
Cleveland. OH 44119
(216) 731-7903
To Enroll your Parish or Church CLICK HERE.
This site is for the convenience of those looking for information about Christ Renews His Parish.  It is also designed to support those who are in the process and those who have completed the process.
For those with questions, you can email us at
The Process
Registration: If you are interested in attending a weekend at your parish find your state and follow the links.
Support during Weekend: If you are currently in the CRHP process and your parish is supported on this website click your state and follow the links to find support tools.
Continuing Personal spiritual Growth: You have completed the process and are looking for more ways to grow your faith, CLICK HERE,
Finding Parishes with Christ Renews His Parish